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Infrared heated clothing is designed to provide warmth and comfort by utilizing advanced heating technology. Here are some benefits of incorporating infrared heated clothing into your riding gear:

1. Enhanced warmth: Infrared heating elements embedded in the clothing generate heat that directly warms your body. This technology helps to maintain a consistent and comfortable temperature, even in chilly weather conditions. The targeted heat radiates deep into your muscles, providing a soothing and cozy sensation.

2. Improved circulation: The gentle infrared heat emitted by the clothing can stimulate blood circulation. This can be particularly beneficial during cold weather when blood flow to the extremities may be reduced. Enhanced circulation can help alleviate muscle stiffness and promote faster recovery after intense workouts or riding sessions.

3. Relieves muscle tension: The infrared heat emitted by the women’s heating jacket can help relax tense muscles and alleviate muscle soreness. This can be especially useful for riders who experience muscle stiffness or discomfort during or after riding. The gentle warmth promotes muscle relaxation, aiding in better flexibility and range of motion.

4. Lightweight and flexible: the infrared heating elements in the Johanne Signature equestrian body warmer are incorporated seamlessly into the fabric, ensuring a lightweight and flexible design. This allows riders to move freely and comfortably without any bulky or restrictive layers, providing optimal performance and comfort during equestrian activities.

5. Energy efficiency and safety: Infrared heated jackets are designed to be energy-efficient, with low power consumption. Many garments also come with safety features such as automatic shut-off mechanisms or temperature controls to prevent overheating. This ensures that you can enjoy the benefits of warmth without compromising safety.

By offering infrared heated clothing in their women's collection, JohanneEquestrian.com provides riders with an innovative solution to stay warm, comfortable, and perform their best even in colder conditions. 

Along with their horsecare products, this one-stop shop caters to the needs of equestrians, providing high-quality garments that combine fashion, functionality, and the benefits of advanced heating technology.`

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