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Johanne Equestrian has expanded its range with a range of equine feed supplements

The idea behind the new range is that the horse should not only undergo a treatment on the outside to be in top shape, but that the inside should certainly not be forgotten!

Hence a series of nutritional supplements for a complete cleaning and maintenance of your horse and for solving specific problems.

A complete cleansing of the liver and kidneys using DONNA Bio Detox Cure. This natural dietary supplement ensures a natural drainage system through the elimination of toxins. Absolutely recommended for removing accumulated toxins in Sport Horses, but also recommended for horses with a high starch ration, overweight horses and older horses! The most powerful liver and kidney detox for horses!

FARAS Bio Broncho Care for good respiratory hygiene in horses and this in case of congestion, irritation or a cold. This natural dietary supplement has a calming effect on the respiratory tract. The active ingredients, including plant extracts of Eucalyptus, Pine, Thyme and Rosemary, are known for their fluidizing and expectorant properties. horsecoughing? A dry cough? Be sure to think of Faras.

A horse in top shape with hooves in top shape! Johanne's range already contains various hoof oils for the superficial maintenance and repair of the hoof (Dinky Bio Hoof Repair and PRINCESS Bio Hoofcare). Now they are expanding their range with a nutritional supplement for the hoof. ACE Bio Hoof Repair ensures an absorption of biotin, zinc, copper and all necessary amino acids in the hoof. The formula is adapted to the needs of the hoof and strengthens the hoof from the inside.

In addition to cleaning the organs, lungs and feeding the hooves, you also want to keep your horse's musculature in shape. The proven formula for this is a combination of active ingredients natural vitamin E, selenium and lysine. STELLAR After Training Repair provides all the necessary elements for maximum muscle performance and speedy recovery. Horses cannot produce vitamin E themselves, so it is essential that they get it through their feed. One of the most powerful natural horse muscle building supplements available on the market today


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