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Out of the box... into the meadow!

More quality time outside for your horse thanks to the protection of Johanne's natural line of horsecare products...HorsecarePRO!

Milady & Belle envelop the horses' hair and keep it free from mud and dirt for days

Dinky & Princess protect the hoofs against drying out & multiple hoofproblems

Natural "Out of the box" horsecare solutions by Johanne


Into the meadow


At Johanne, sustainability & technology go hand in hand

Natural Hightech!

We continuously strive to create formulations that are based on naturally obtained ingredients without any loss in performance

All ingredients are 100% natural, organic & plant-based. They are selected with the upmost care.

High quality oils like ylang-ylang oil, jojoba oil, eucalyptus oil, laurel oil, lavender oil, almond oil,...

And natural additives like caffeine, aloë vera, silk protein, chamomile flower extract, ...

Recommended by vets, osteopaths and other equine professionals


Shampoos & conditioners for dogs

Horses & Dogs...

As horselovers often own dogs and horses & dogs go hand in hand...

By popular demand we extended our productrange with a specialized dogcare-collection

Ofcourse with the Johanne philosophy in mind...being natural, organic & high-tech!


So satisfied! My horse has a very thick tail. Although I am a big fan of this, it is not always easy to maintain it properly. Thanks to the combination of products in the Brilliance Pack, it’s so easy to keep her tail nice and full and shiny!


I use the Johanne supplements on a regular basis. The stellar works really great for muscle recuperating and muscle build. And Donna ofcourse for full cleaning of liver and kidneys. Really happy with them!


I use the whole range of Johanne products, from the shampoos to the oils and conditioners. What I really love about them is the smell and that the products are fully natural. I find that important these days


I love the Belle 2 in 1. A conditioner for tale and manes. The product makes the hairs super soft, shiny and easy combable. Satisfied customer


I used the products and I’m very enthousiast! They do what they promise. Thanks also for the free sample of Mona shampoo! Love the citrus smell


Tested the heating jacket. Works great, really heats front and back and it lasted about 3,5 hours on the highest level with a full battery. I can recommend this one to everyone!


Great brand! They also have cool accessories, bought their suede cap, really cool and good quality… happy


One of the ears of my instruction set broke. Johanne replaced it immediately with a new one. Received it within a few days. Honest company, great service!


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