Thank you for purchasing your Johanne Signature Heating Jacket.



- On/off & Changing temperature

The heating Jacket has 2 heating elements on the front of the jacket and 3 heating elements on the back.
The front and back can be activated separately by means of the 2 buttons on the left side of the collar of your jacket. The front button controls the front, the rear button controls the back.

* Press once for 3 seconds to heat the desired side (or both sides, press each button for 3 seconds each time). Once activated, the button turns red.

* Repeat the same procedure to turn off the heating jacket. The button turns black.

Red is the highest heating setting for the jacket.

* If you wish to lower the temperature of one side, briefly press the relevant button once. The button turns green. Repeat for the other side if desired.

* There are 3 positions, you can lower the temperature once more by briefly pressing the button again. The button will now turn green



- Charging Battery

The jacket is equipped with a high quality Xiaomi 10000mah battery. Charging the battery can take up to 6 hours

Fully charge the battery before first use.

Depending on the set temperature, the jacket will heat for 4 to 6 hours with a full battery.


Have fun with your heating jacket.





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