MONA Shampoo
MONA Shampoo
MONA Shampoo
MONA Shampoo

MONA Shampoo

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Size 250 ml

Highly effective special shampoo for dogs. healthy and sustainable fur and skin cleaning with a fresh citrus scent

REGULAR daily shampoo

Thanks to its mild ph-neutral and solvent-free ingredients, the shampoo is extremely well tolerated. Brings out the natural fur colors very nicely. 

Size: available in 250ml

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Shampoo concentrate needs to be diluted in the ratio 1:10. Gently massage the solution into the wet coat until it foames. Avoid the area around the eyes and mouth. Please leave the shampoo on for about 5 minutes and then rinse well and dry the fur as usual  Shake well before use!

Amphoteric surfactants below 5%, water, nonionic surfactants below 5%, anionic surfactants 5% and above, but less than 15%, fragrances


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Technical specifications:

Shelf life at least 12 months, see label
Protect from direct sunlight
Storage temperature: +10 °C to 25 °C

Due to the use of natural, high-quality oils, the product can solidify at too low temperatures, which can temporarily make use more difficult

Active substance storage with delayed release on molecular level

Produced and bottled In Germany

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The DogcarePRO productline... newly developed for dogs. Our advanced productionproces and combination of mutually reinforcing ingredients garantuees that the Johanne dogshampoos have a longlasting effect.

The active components are released slowly and evenly to the hairs and skin, which makes our productline much more effective than others available on the market today.