TIGRA Bio Skin Repair
TIGRA Bio Skin Repair
TIGRA Bio Skin Repair at €24 | Horsecarepro
TIGRA Bio Skin Repair
TIGRA Bio Skin Repair
TIGRA Bio Skin Repair
TIGRA Bio Skin Repair at €24 | Horsecarepro
TIGRA Bio Skin Repair

TIGRA Bio Skin Repair

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Size 100 ml

One of Johanne's most rewarded products!

Help your horse healing with this highly effective organic formula against itching, fungal, mite and flea infestations. 
Fast regeneration of the horse's skin with 100% biological care components to get the problem at the source. 

Try it out, it works great! proven results!

Product features:
Helps with severe itching
in case of fungal infestation, mite infestation, mange
in all types of fleas
guaranteed free of cortisone
Guaranteed free from antibiotics
Long-term effect (up to 28 hours)
also for foals and pregnant mares

Apply the care product very sparingly, evenly and thinly once or twice a day to the skin area affected by itching, fungus and mites. Lightly massage or rub the product into the skin with your finger or a clean brush or brush.

The agent can also be applied to irritated and reddened, bloody and / or purulent areas. Tigra skin biorepair must be applied to the skin (not the fur). Shake well before use!

Store at room temperature - product can solidify at low temperatures
Jojoba oil, olive oil, hemp oil, aloe vera, chamomile flower extract


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At Johanne, sustainability and technology go hand in hand.We constantly strive to create powerful formulas based on natural ingredients.

Our advanced production process and combination of mutually reinforcing ingredients guarantee that the product has a long-lasting effect, and is much more powerful and effective compared to anything else available on the market today!


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Technical specifications:

Shelf life at least 12 months, see label
Protect from direct sunlight
Storage temperature: +10 °C to 25 °C

Due to the use of natural, high-quality oils, the product can solidify at too low temperatures, which can temporarily make use more difficult

Active substance storage with delayed release on molecular level

Produced and bottled In Germany

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The HorsecarePRO productline...

...is newly developed for horses. Our advanced productionproces and combination of mutually reinforcing ingredients garantuees that the product has a longlasting effect, which increases its effectiveness substantially. The ingredients are released slowly and evenly and can therefore maintain the desired effect up to 48 hours, which makes our productline much more effective than any other available on the market today.