DINKY Bio Hoof Repair
DINKY Bio Hoof Repair
DINKY Bio Hoof Repair at €33 | Horsecarepro - mooie hoeven - hoefrot
DINKY Bio Hoof Repair
DINKY Bio Hoof Repair
DINKY Bio Hoof Repair
DINKY Bio Hoof Repair at €33 | Horsecarepro - mooie hoeven - hoefrot
DINKY Bio Hoof Repair

DINKY Bio Hoof Repair

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Size 250 ml

The repairing and caring organic hoof care with the finest selection of natural oils and herbs

Product features:

  • stops the putrefaction process
  • effective care for the sole and frog
  • Moisturizer for the hoof
  • renewed putrefaction is prevented
  • prevents hardening and drying out
  • Long-term effect

The formula contains an elastic, moisture-regulating, highly effective and nourishing combination of active ingredients, consisting of natural hemp, eucalyptus, aurel, jojoba, olive and wheat germ oils. 

Apply 3 times a week to a clean, moist coronet, hoof wall and sole.
Shake well before use

Store at room temperature - product can solidify at low temperatures Ingredients:

Jojoba oil, olive oil, hemp oil, eucalyptus oil, laurel oil, wheat germ oil


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Shelf life at least 12 months, see label
Protect from direct sunlight
Storage temperature: +10 °C to 25 °C

Due to the use of natural, high-quality oils, the product can solidify at too low temperatures, which can temporarily make use more difficult. To prevent this, Johanne advises to store at room temperature

Formula for horses - keep out of children’s reach - store in a cool, dark and ventilated place - shake well before use - close tight after use

Produced and bottled In Germany

At Johanne, sustainability and technology go hand in hand.We constantly strive to create powerful formulas based on natural ingredients.

Our advanced production process and combination of mutually reinforcing ingredients guarantees a product that has a long-lasting effect, and is much more powerful and effective compared to anything else available on the market today

Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews
Le produit miracle ! The miracle product!

Ce produit m'a permis de soigner la pourriture de fourchette de mes chevaux ! En plus d'être super efficace, il n'a pas d'odeur désagréable.
Une semaine de traitement et mes chevaux avaient de nouveau des pieds sains !

This product allowed me to cure the fork rot of my horses! In addition to being super effective, it has no unpleasant smell.
A week of treatment and my horses had healthy feet again!

Julie Laznicka
Rapide et efficace 👏🏻

J’ai utilisé ce produit sur un cheval qui avait les fourchettes pourries et il n’a fallu que deux jours d’utilisation pour qu’il retrouve une fourchette nettement plus sèche ! Excellent produit naturel qui fonctionne très rapidement, je recommande 🐴

The HorsecarePRO productline...

...is specially developed for horses. Our advanced productionproces and combination of mutually reinforcing ingredients garantuees that the product has a longlasting effect, which increases its effectiveness substantially. The ingredients are released slowly and evenly and can therefore maintain the desired effect up to 48 hours, which makes our productline ultra performant