STELLAR After Training Repair
STELLAR After Training Repair
STELLAR After Training Repair
STELLAR After Training Repair
STELLAR After Training Repair
STELLAR After Training Repair

STELLAR After Training Repair

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Nutritional supplement to support the full muscular system.

Provides all the necessary elements for maximal muscle performance & recuperation

Intake of vitamin E, selenium and lysine

Complementary feed for horses. STELLAR is composed of vitamin E, selenium, and lysine (VSL), providing all the necessary elements for maximal muscular performance.

 More info about the benefits of VSL HERE


Instructions for use: mix with feed 

- Race and competition horses: 50 ml/day

- Stallions, brood mares: 50 ml/day

- Ponies, small horses: 25 ml/day


Composition: Sucrose, propylene glycol



Formula for horses - keep out of children’s reach - store in a cool, dark and ventilated place - shake well before use - close tight after use


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Technical specifications:

Shelf life at least 12 months, see label
Protect from direct sunlight
Storage temperature: +10 °C to 25 °C

Due to the use of natural, high-quality oils, the product can solidify at too low temperatures, which can temporarily make use more difficult

Active substance storage with delayed release on molecular level

Produced and bottled In Germany

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The HorsecarePRO productline... newly developed for horses. Our advanced productionproces and combination of mutually reinforcing ingredients garantuees that the product has a longlasting effect, which increases its effectiveness substantially. The ingredients are released slowly and evenly and can therefore maintain the desired effect up to 48 hours, which makes our productline much more effective than any other available on the market today.