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The importance of a natural liver and kidney cleanse for your horse

Johanne Equestrian, known for their natural care products for horses, has expanded its range with a range of nutritional horse feed supplements f

At Johanne, sustainability and technology go hand in hand. They constantly strive to create powerful, effective products based on natural raw materials, and this new line is no different!

Hence a series of equine feed supplements for a complete internal cleaning and maintenance of your horse and for solving specific problems.

Today we zoom in on DONNA Bio Detox Cure and underline the importance of a regular liver and kidney detox for horses!

In the coming months, horses have to undergo many changes such as shedding, temperature changes, more exercise and a change in ration. The horse's body then produces a lot of free radicals (waste products), which have to be broken down by the liver. Spring is therefore an intensive period for, among other things, the liver and kidneys and therefore ideal for a horse detox!

In addition, it is also wise to give your horse a detox cure after using medication, deworming treatment or after illness.

With a detox cure for horses, you support the cleansing effect of the liver and kidneys. It helps with the removal of all waste that your horse has stored. Common symptoms of accumulated waste can be: fatigue, skin ailments, summer eczema, allergies, hoof problems or lower resistance.

In addition, a horse detox cure is also recommended for horses with a dull coat and/or horses that have difficulty shedding. Horses with digestive problems or horses that are sensitive to summer eczema also benefit from a cure.

A good JOHANNE liver and kidney detox cure for horses is based on plants and herbs with a natural cleansing effect on the liver, kidneys and digestive system. DONNA Bio Detox cure contains active marine elements & plant extracts, including artichoke, boldo, goldenrod, milk thistle and stinging nettle which are known to eliminate toxins and support liver and kidney function.

Additional points for attention with a detox treatment

During a cleansing treatment, the stored waste products in the horse's body are released and are then removed through the bloodstream. As a result, your horse may not feel very fit for the first few days. This is completely normal and a sign that the body is removing the waste. Make sure you take this into account and take it easy with your horse so that he can recover properly. A detox cure requires a lot of energy from your horse.


DONNA Bio Detox is now available via www.JohanneEquestrian.com and is offered in 1 liter dosing bottles at 39 euros

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