Muscle preservation & building with "VSL"

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How do you keep your horse in top shape? muscle building supplements certainly prove their usefulness. We explain why…


After a good training, recovery is important to keep your horse's musculature "in shape" and even promote the production of muscle mass.

The proven formula for this is a combination of active ingredients natural vitamin E, selenium and lysine aka "VSL"

In a horse it is important that the waste products produced during labor can be properly removed and that the muscles are also rebuilt. These waste products are rendered harmless in the muscle because vitamin E and selenium 'neutralise' them. Vitamin E and selenium are antioxidants, substances that prevent muscle damage after work by clearing waste.

Horses cannot produce vitamin E themselves, so it is essential that they get it through their feed. There are two variants of vitamin E on the market: a natural and a synthetic variant. Natural vitamin E is much better absorbed by the horse's body than synthetic ones. STELLAR AFTER TRAINING REPAIR contains the natural variant of vitamin E, obtained from plant material.

In addition to supporting muscles, vitamin E also has a supporting role in the nervous and immune systems

The daily requirement of vitamin E depends on the amount of work a horse performs, but varies from 500mg (little work) to 1000mg per day (heavy work). Your horse gets quite a bit of vitamin E from grass on the pasture (basic requirement of vitamin E). Hay, on the other hand, contains much less vitamin E.

Muscle damage in your horse can be recognized by muscle pain, stiffness and long recovery time after intensive training. Selenium is a mineral of which horses only need a limited amount, but is not always sufficiently present in the soil and therefore not in the grass on the pasture.

In addition to muscle problems and fat inflammation, a shortage of selenium also causes a poor immune system. Due to a shortage of these antioxidants, free radicals are not neutralized and damage can occur in the cell.

L-Lysine is an additional supplement that helps the body's (natural) immune system and inhibits the growth of certain viruses. In addition, it supports bone growth and the formation of collagen, cartilage and other connective tissue.  L-Lysine is an essential amino acid, which means that the horse does not produce it itself.

STELLAR AFTER TRAINING REPAIR from HorsecarePRO's range of equine feed supplements provides all these necessary elements in the right dosage for maximum muscle performance and speedy recovery. One of the most powerful natural horse muscle building supplements available on the market today


This nutritional supplement is now available on this website and is offered in 1 liter dosing bottles. (39 euros).

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