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The 10 benefits of equestrian wireless communication systems during training

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Wireless communication systems can no longer be ignored for sporting purposes these days. They are used in many sports for competition or training, just think of cycling or soccer f.e.

They also made their way into equestrian sports. You will certainly have encountered these systems at dressage competitions. In this article we want to briefly explain the benefits, we bring you “the 10 advantages of wireless horse instruction systems

  1. Clear communication: no information is lost. Via a wireless horse instruction system it seems as if your coach or trainer is right next to you. The most modern devices have noise reduction so that your coach is still clearly audible even in bad weather.

2.   Train focused: the fact that you don't have to focus on what your coach or trainer yells, allows you to give full attention to your training. Your coach can also respond instantly and correct where necessary. So you get the most out of your training sessions!

3.   Receive and give clear signals to your horse. You can focus more on verbal and non-verbal communication in interaction with your horse (most equestrian headsets have headphones in only 1 ear, so that you still receive sounds from the outside world (and your horse) Not only you but also your horse needs clear and unambiguous communication.

4.   Stop screaming lessons. Besides the fact that it is not very elegant that your coach or trainer has to shout instructions at you all over the paddock, it’s also disturbs other riders.

5.   Communicate discreetly and quietly: Especially in competition preparation/warming up, it’s important that the instructions can be given in a discrete manner. The latest and most up-to-date systems also have secure connections.

6.   Easily set-up and activation: Communicate in a convenient "instant" way without using heavy smartphones, poor Bluetooth connections, expensive mobile networks and complicated apps.

7.   Communicate in 2 directions! Several recent systems offer 2-way communication. You can hear the coach and vice versa.

8.  An advantage for the coach/trainer: most wireless horse instruction systems allow several receivers to be connected to 1 transmitter, ie. as a coach/trainer you can instruct multiple students at the same time. Also ideal for giving "clinics".

9.   Long Range: Most systems are usable up to distances ranging from 150m-300m. So distances that make normal communication without technical guidance hardly possible. The coach can therefore look for the most suitable place from where he can instruct you.

10.   And the last “advantage”: because it’s a stylish device that adds to the overall professional attitude needed to reach your goals



We will take a closer look at some of our available systems in 2023.

- HorsewhispererPRO2. The HorsewhispererPRO2 is our advanced two-way instruction system. The ideal system for the professional rider or competition rider. The PRO 2 system allows instructor and rider to communicate 2-WAY with each other. Superior long-range use (up to 150 meters!) and no interference with other teaching devices. High-quality equestrian headsets with noise reduction for both rider and riding instructor. Multiple receivers can be added to the system. Price from 239 euros 


- Johanne HorsewhispererPRO1

The HorsewhispererPRO1 is the proven instruction system with the latest 2023 technology. Superior long-range use (up to 350 meters!) and no interference with other teaching devices. Strong and reliable with a long battery life. Interesting value for money, available from 189 euros - 


- Johanne Horsewhisperer Wireless

This system consists of the transmitter for coach/trainer and 1 riding bluetooth headset (wireless receiver) with listening mode for the rider. The earphones are the lightest available on the market today (only 16.8 grams!) and have a super long working time of 10-12 hours! Full set 189 euros 


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